FirstClass® enables MHRD and our learning community to effectively communicate, collaborate, manage information and share knowledge.  With the addition of FirstClass Unified Communications, our educators and administrative staff can access information and messages from one easy to use unified mailbox that can be accessed via the device of choice including cell phone, telephone, computer and handheld from any location, at any time.

login.pngFirstClass web interface users click here to login to your FirstClass account.
FirstClass® Plugin for Microsoft Explorer users: Choose View > Explorer Bar > FirstClass®.

download.pngTo further enrich your FirstClass experience you can download the FirstClass Client or the FirstClass® Plugin for Microsoft Explorer.


Mobile Clients for Android, Blackberry, iPad, and iPod

1. Android device users point your device to
2. Search for OpenText (note no spaces)
3. Locate Social Workplace Mobile and install over the air
4. Configure the client with server address information (

Over the Air Installation
1. Blackberry device users point your device to
2. When you arrive at that page, you will see a link that matches your particular model of Blackberry and can install directly from there.
3. Once installed, configure the client with server address information (

iPads and iPods
These two devices have the same setup.
1. Visit the iTunes App store and search for FirstClass.
2. Install the application on the iOS device.
3. Configure the client with server address information (  Please note that this address is different from the Android and Blackberry.

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